Leeds Tramways Company

Owner Leeds Tramways Company
16th September 1871 (horse)
Operator Leeds Tramways Company
First steam service 17th June 1880
Took over (operation) 1891 onwards (lines built by the corporation)
First electric service
29th October 1891 (first overhead electric route in Europe)
Operator (concession)
Thomson-Houston Company (Roundhay Park electric route only)
Taken over 17th February 1894 (Leeds Corporation)
Length 14.16 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment Photographs (see link) indicate that staff operating the horse and steam tram services did not wear formal uniforms (other than kepi caps for conductors), so it is unlikely that marked buttons ever existed. Uniforms were however issued to staff operating the Roundhay Park electric concession (on behalf of the Company and the Corporation), though whether these individuals were staff of the Company or employees of Thomson-Houston is currently unclear. Buttons clearly identifiable as LTCo (or THCo for that matter) have yet to come to light, suggesting that they may have been unmarked.