London Tramways Company

Owner London Tramways Company
Took over
1874? (Metropolitan Street Tramways Company [horse]; Pimlico, Peckham and Greenwich Street Tramways Company [horse])
Operator London Tramways Company
Took over (operation) 24th July 1891 (South London Tramways Company) - Waterloo-St Georges line
First cable service 7th December 1892 (probably) - Kennington to Streatham
Taken over 1st January 1899 (London County Council)
Length 24.37 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Monogram of interwoven initials, 'LTC'
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [None]

Although LTCo horse and cable car drivers were not issued with uniforms, conductors most certainly were, at least in later years. The button shown came from a collection where it was clearly marked as 'London Tramways Company', and whilst it is entirely possible that it is the pattern used by the company, there is currently no hard evidence to support the attribution. There is however some circumstantial evidence from the LTCo's successor, London County Council Tramways, which appears to have simply copied LTCo uniforms wholesale (jackets, caps and insignia), with the LCC pattern button being very similar (stylistically) to the one shown here (see link).