Great Orme Tramway/Railway

Owner Great Orme Tramways Co Ltd
31st July 1902 (cable)
Operator Great Orme Tramways Co Ltd
Closed 23rd August 1932 (due to a fatal accident)
Compulsory liquidation 23rd July 1933
Reopened 17th May 1934 (due to a fatal accident)
Taken over December 1934 (syndicate of shareholders, pending formation of a limited company)
Taken over 25th March 1935 (Great Orme Railway Ltd)
Taken over 1st January 1949 (Llandudno Urban District Council)
Taken over 1st April 1974 (Aberconwy District Council) - following local government reorganisation (rebranded as the Great Orme Tramway)
Name changed 31st July 1977 (Great Orme Tramway)
Taken over 1st April 1996 (Conwy County Borough Council) - following local government reorganisation
Length 1.11 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description
Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment Photographs show that staff were issued with uniforms bearing metal buttons, at least in the 1920s and 1930s (see link), but probably much earlier. Marked buttons have however not come to light, suggesting that the buttons were either plain, or that they bore a monogram or device that is not readily identifiable as an issue of the GTTCo.