Kilmarnock Corporation Tramways

Owner Kilmarnock Corporation
Opened 10th December 1904 (electric)
Operator Kilmarnock Corporation
Closed 3rd May 1926
Length 4.24 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘Kilmarnock Corporation Tramways’) surrounding arms (shield with horizontal chequered band surmounted by an upright hand with 1st and 2nd fingers pointing towards crest motto: 'Confido' [I trust]), with Squirrel supporters, all above motto: 'Virtute et Industria' (Virtuosity and industry)
Materials used Brass
Button Line reference [113/37]

Comment The coat of arms are those of the Town of Kilmarnock (unofficial), being the arms of the Earls of Kilmarnock (the Boyd Family)