Keighley Corporation Tramways

Owner Keighley Corporation
Took over (track) 25th November 1896 (Keighley Tramways Company [horse - 4ft])
Operator (lessee) Keighley Tramways Company Ltd
Took over (operation) 21st September 1901
Last horse service 28th May 1904
First electric route 12th October 1904
Closed 17th December 1924 (the first local authority to close its system)
Length 3.44 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘Keighley Corporation Tramways’) surrounding arms (shield with three stags heads surmounted by a helmet, garlands and a dragon's head entwined by a serpent) all above motto: 'By Worth'
Materials used Brass and nickel
Button Line reference [113/36]