The following list gives the additions/amendments over the course of the last four months. The list is in reverse chronological order, ie, the most recent additions are at the top. To go to the corresponding entry, simply click on the name of the button/badge/uniform you are interested in. Note that you may need to refresh your browser to see the latest version of the page.

24th July 2024 Wallasey Corporation Tramways history expanded
22nd July 2024 Wallasey Horse Tramways history expanded
20th July 2024 Birkenhead Corporation Tramways history expanded
19th July 2024 Birkenhead United Omnibus Tramway and Carriage Company history expanded
18th July 2024 Birkenhead Tramways Company history expanded
16th July 2024 Hoylake and Birkenhead Tramway history expanded
13th July 2024 Birkenhead Street Railway history expanded
12th July 2024 Glasgow Corporation Tramways first Great War conductress photo added
12th July 2024 Wirral Tramway Company history expanded
11th July 2024 Sheffield Corporation Tramways 150s conductress photo added
11th July 2024 Wigan Corporation Tramways 1920s staff photo added
9th July 2024 Wirral Tramway Company Horsecar No 4 crew photo added
7th July 2024 Glossop Tramways decorated late-Edwardian tram crew photo added
6th July 2024 London United Tramways Tramcar No 171 crew photo added
6th July 2024 Birmingham Corporation Transport button added
5th July 2024 Derby Corporation Tramways early pattern button added
3rd July 2024 Brighton Corporation Tramways Band badges added
3rd July 2024 Brighton Corporation Tramways Band photo added
2nd July 2024 Hull City Tramways Great War conductresses photo added
10th June 2024 Guernsey Tramways history added
7th June 2024 Wigan Corporation Tramways photo of Tramcar No 48 and crew added
6th June 2024 Dudley, Stourbridge and District Electric Tramways Tramcar No 2 motorman photo added
6th June 2024 Glasgow Corporation Tramways photo of six Great War conductresses added
4th June 2024 Dudley and Stourbridge Steam Tramways 1884 photo added
4th June 2024 Dudley and Stourbridge Steam Tramways depot staff photo added
31st May 2024 Yarmouth and Gorleston Tramways history extensively revised
28th May 2024 Gravesend and Northfleet Electric Tramways history added
27th May 2024 Gravesend, Rosherville and Northfleet Tramways history added
8th May 2024 Newcastle Corporation Tramways photo of Great War tramcar crews added
8th May 2024 Portsdown and Horndean Light Railway history added
7th May 2024 Portsmouth Corporation Tramways history added
5th May 2024 Portsmouth Street Tramways history added
3rd May 2024 Borough of Portsmouth, Kingston, Faratton and Southsea Tramways uniform page added
30th April 2024 General Tramways Company of Portsmouth uniform page added
30th April 2024 Landport and Southsea Tramways uniform page added
26th April 2024 Gosport and Fareham Tramways history added
25th April 2024 South Shields Corporation Transport button added
24th April 2024 Gosport Street Tramways History added
23rd April 2024 Manchester Corporation Tramways Conductress Mary Ann Bennett portrait added
22nd April 2024 Gloucester Corporation Light Railways history added
20th April 2024 Gloucester Tramways history added
16th April 2024 Barnsley and District Tramways 1908 staff photo added
16th April 2024 Bolton Corporation Tramways Conductor A Brindle photo added
15th April 2024 Glossop Tramways uniform page extensively revised
10th April 2024 Glenanne and Loughgilly Tramway history updated
10th April 2024 Paisley District Tramways Company history added
29th March 2024 Paisley Tramways Company history added
27th March 2024 Lanarkshire Tramways Company history added