Huddersfield Corporation Tramways

Owner Huddersfield Corporation
Opened 11th January 1883 (horse/steam)
Operator Huddersfield Corporation
Took over (operation) 21st May 1900 (new line through Linthwaite to Slaithwaite [3.01 miles] - owned by Linthwaite UDC)
First electric route 14th February 1901
Last steam service 21st June 1902
Took over (ownership) August 1910 (line through Linthwaite to Slaithwaite - owned by Linthwaite UDC)
Closed 29th June 1940
Length 39.12 miles
Gauge 4ft 7¾ins

Button description (Pattern 1)
Title (‘Huddersfield Tramways’) around rim, with open centre
Materials known Nickel
Button Line reference [None]

Button description (Pattern 2)
Title (‘Huddersfield Tramways’) in circlet, surrounding arms (shield with chevron and 3 sheep, surmounted by ram’s head) all above motto: ‘Juvat Im Picros Deus’ (God helps the diligent)
Materials known Nickel; brass; chrome
Button Line reference [113/33]

Although I have absolutely no confirmatory evidence, the Pattern 1 button has an early feel to it and was very probably in use during the later steam tram era (mid 1890s through to 1902).

Huddersfield holds the accolade for being the first municipally owned and operated tramway system in the British Isles. The unusual gauge was to allow for the running of railway wagons over the system, an intention that was never realised.