East Ham Tramways / Corporation Tramways

Owner East Ham Urban District Council
Opened 22nd June 1901 (electric)
Operator East Ham Urban District Council
Owner's named changed 1904 - to East Ham Borough Council (East Ham Corporation Tramways)
Took over (operation) 12th April 1905 (Ilford Council/Corporation Tramways) - Ilford Hill section of 'ICT'
Took over (operation) 17th November 1905 (Barking Town UDC Tramways) - lease of newly constructed BTUDCT line from East Ham boundary to Barking Station (worked jointly with West Ham Tramways)
Took over 24th April 1908 (North Metropolitan Tramways) - Romford line
Amended (operation) 10th March 1909 - ICT Ilford Hill section lease amended to allow joint working by East and West Ham Corporation Tramways cars
Amended (operation) 11th August 1910 - ICT Ilford Hill section lease amended to extend joint working to include London County Council Tramways cars
Took over (operation) 16th October 1910 (Barking Town UDC Tramways) - Barking Station to Loxford Bridge line (worked jointly with West Ham Tramways and BTUDCT cars)
Taken over (operation) 1st June 1914 (Ilford Council Tramways) - Broadway, Barking Station to Loxford Bridge line of Barking Town UDC Tramways (previously worked jointly by East Ham and West Ham Tramways)
Taken over 1st July 1933 (London Transport) including lines leased from other authorities
Length 8.34 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description (Pattern 1)
Stylised monogram ‘EHT’ (overlaid initials)
Materials known Brass; black horn
Button Line reference [None]

Button description (Pattern 2
Title (‘County Borough of East Ham) surrounding arms (shield divided into three: crozier, sailing ship and three torches) surmounted by a rising sun
Materials known Chrome
Button Line reference [None]

Comment Evidence to support the correct identification of the Pattern 1 button comes from a Gaunt pattern book that contained an example, specifically labelled as such. There is no evidence so far to support the use of the Pattern 2 button, and it could well be that it post-dates the absorption of the tramway into the LPTB (1933), given that the only examples known are chrome, a material which did not come into widespread usage until the 1930s (see link). Note that East Ham only acquired 'County Borough' status in 1915, so even if examples in other materials turn up, they cannot be earlier than this date. The arms are heavily based on the neighbouring borough of West Ham and were, at least initially, unofficial.