Devonport and District Tramways

Owner Devonport and District Tramways Company (a subsidiary of the British Electric Traction Company Ltd)
Opened 26th June 1901 (electric)
Operator Devonport and District Tramways Company
Took over (operation) October 1903 (newly constructed Devonport Corporation lines from North Keyham to Peverell, and Camel's Head to Saltash Passage)
Taken over 20th October 1915 (Plymouth Corporation)
Length 9.2 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Wheel, magnet and electrical flashes
Materials known Brass; chrome; black horn
Button Line reference [113/16]

Comment Photos (see link) show uniformed staff wearing the standard 'BET' 'Magnet and Wheel' cap badge, and they undoubtedly wore the standard 'BET' buttons as well.