Darwen Corporation Tramways

Owner Darwen Corporation
Took over 1st January 1899 (Blackburn and Over Darwen Tramways [steam]) - lines within municipal boundary)
Operator (lessee) Blackburn Corporation
First electric route 17th October 1900 (Blackburn Corporation operated steam services ceasing the day before)
Operator Darwen Corporation
Closed 5th October 1946
Length 4.36 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Title ('Darwen Corp Tramways') surrounding arms (shield with waves and three cotton sprigs, surmounted by a torse with miner holding a pick upon a weaver's shuttle) all above motto: 'Absque Labore Nihil' (Nothing without labour)
Materials known Nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [113/27]

Comment A torse is a twisted roll of fabric that was wound around the top of the helm and crest to hold the mantle in place.