Farnworth Council Tramways

Owner Farnworth Urban District Council
Opened 1st September 1880 (horse)
Operator (lessee) Edmund Holden and Company
Taken over June 1899 (Bolton Corporation) - stock and company leases
Operator Edmund Holden and Company
Last horse service 2nd January 1900
Electrified 13th April 1900 (Moses Gate to Black Horse)
Operator (lessee) Bolton Corporation
First electic service 13th April 1900
Operator Farnworth Urban District Council
Took over (operation) 20th February 1902 (Kearsley Urban District Council) - newly built line to Clifton
Took over (operation)
2nd June 1902 (Farnworth UDC-owned Moses Gate to Black Horse line of Bolton Horse Tramways) - previously leased to Bolton Corporation Tramways
Taken over (operation) 1st April 1906 (South Lancashire Tramways Company) - including tramcars but not the track
Taken over (operation)
16th December 1933 (Bolton Corporation Tramways) - Moses Gate - Black Horse - Walkden route, formerly worked by South Lancashire Tramways
Closed 12th November 1944
Length 4.65 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

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