Edinburgh Street Tramways

Owner Edinburgh Street Tramways Company
Opened 6th November 1871 (horse)
Operator Edinburgh Street Tramways Company
First steam service 23rd April 1881
Last steam service 27th October 1881
Taken over 9th December 1893 (Edinburgh Corporation - lines within the city boundaries, along with staff, trams and horses working those lines)
Taken over 31st January 1896 (Edinburgh Corporation - Waterloo Place to Jocks Lodge section of the Portobello line)
Taken over 30th June 1898 (Edinburgh Corporation - remainder of the Portobello line)
Taken over 23rd October 1904 (Leith Corporation Tramways - lines within Leith)
Length 18.53 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title ('EDINBURGH STREET TRAMWAYS COMP') within a border, surrounding an assumed device (two shields, one with a triple-towered castle and one with a tram car) with a thistle crest.
Materials known Nickel
Button Line reference [116/86]

The design appears to be the company's own attempt at a coat of arms, with only the 'triple-towered castle' based on the actual arms of the City of Edinburgh!