Dublin United Tramways Company

Owner Dublin United Tramways Company
Amalgamation 1st July 1881 (Dublin Tramways Company [horse]; North Dublin Street Tramways Company [horse]; Dublin Central Tramways Company [horse])
Operator Dublin United Tramways Company
Company reformed 28th September 1896 (to form the Dublin United Tramways Company [1896] Limited)
Took over 28th September 1896 (Dublin Southern District Tramways [electric] - a subsidiary of the Imperial Tramways Group)
First electric route 11th November 1897 (excluding DSDT lines, which had already been electrified)
Last horse service 13th January 1900
Took over (operation) 1st January 1907 (Clontarf and Hill of Howth Tramroad Company [electric])
Took over 7th July 1925 (defunct Dublin and Lucan Electric Railway)
Relinquished lease 29th March 1941 (Clontarf and Hill of Howth Tramroad Company) with resultant closure of the line
Amalgamated 1st January 1945 (with Great Southern Railways) to form Coras Iompair Eireann
Closed 10th July 1949
Length 61.15 miles
Gauge 5ft 3ins / 5ft 2¼ins

Button description Elaborate script initials (‘DUT’) in scalloped rim
Materials known Nickel; brass; chrome
Button Line reference [113/

Comment The DUTCo only issued uniforms from around 1896 onwards, both to its electric and horse car staff, though seemingly only to conductors for the latter (see link)