Stockton and Thornaby Corporation Tramways

Owner Stockton-on-Tees Corporation and Thornaby-on-Tees Corporation
Took over
3rd April 1921 (Middlesbrough, Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramways [electric] - a subsidiary of the Imperial Tramways Company Limited) - lines within the respective corporation boundaries
Operator Stockton and Thornaby Joint Tramways Committee
Taken over 1st August 1930 (Stockton-on-Tees Corporation) following Thornaby-on-Tees Corporation's decision to dispose of its transport undertakings
Closed 31st December 1931
Length 3.76 miles
Gauge 3ft 7ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment Although S&TCT staff clearly wore uniforms (see link), marked buttons are yet to come to light, suggesting that they were either plain, or that they bore a monogram or device that is not readily identifiable as an issue of the tramway. Given that the concern did see fit to have new and elaborate cap badges manufactured, it would seem a little odd if they chose not to order new, marked buttons as well.