Walsall Corporation Tramways

Owner Walsall Corporation
Took over 1st January 1901 (South Staffordshire Tramways [electric]) — 5.25 miles of track within the corporation's boundary, though immediately leased back for a period of 3 years
Operator South Staffordshire Tramways (Lessee Co) Ltd, a subsidiary of the British Electric Traction Company
Took over (operation) 1st January 1904 - corporation owned track, on expiration of the SSTLCoLtd lease
Took over (operation) 1st October 1925 (Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways) - WIllenhall to Darlaston line
Took over 1st October 1930 (Darlaston and Wednesbury lines of the SST - the last remnant of the BET-owned Birmingham and Midland Tramways Joint Committee)
Closed 30th September 1933
Length 13.51 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Title (‘Walsall Corporation Tramways’) surrounding arms (quartered shield surmounted by crown with chained bear) supported by lions
Materials known Brass; nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [114/73]