Trafford Park Tramways

Owner Trafford Park Estates Company Ltd
Opened 23rd July 1897 (gas)
Operator (lessee) British Gas Traction Company Ltd
Took over (operation) 3rd November 1899 (following the purchase of the BGTCo Ltd’s Trafford Park assets)
First electric route 14th July 1903 (Westinghouse Circle)
Operator Trafford Park Estates Company
Taken over (operation) 30th October 1905 (Manchester and Salford Corporation Tramways - Westinghouse Circle electric services)
Closed 30th April 1908 (Trafford Park to Barton gas tram operations; replaced by workmen’s trains)
Closed 24th August 1946 (Westinghouse Circle electric services)
Length Circa 5 miles (gas line = 3 miles; Westinghouse Circle = 2 miles)
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description (1897-1908)

Button description (Pattern 1)
Title ('Manchester Corporation Tramways') in circlet, surrounding arms (shield with diagonal bands below ship, surmounted by a globe) with lion and antelope supporters, all above motto 'Concilio Et Labore' (Wisdom and Effort)
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [114/46]

Button description (Pattern 2) Title ('Salford Corporation Tramways') surrounding arms (stylised shield, with a shuttle, seven bees, three wheatsheaves, two millrinds and a cotton bale - surmounted by a lion with pennant) with dog and antelope supporters, all above motto: ‘Integrity and Industry’
Materials known Nickel; Japanned brass
Button Line reference [114/60]

Comments The above buttons were worn throughout the period of municipal operation, i.e., from 1905 to 1946. It is currently unclear whether uniforms were worn by tramcar staff working for the British Gas Traction Company (1897-1899) or Trafford Park Estates (1899-1908).