Wolverhampton Corporation Tramways

Owner Wolverhampton Corporation
Took over 1st May 1900 (Wolverhampton Tramways Company [horse]) - lines within the municipal boundary (and a proportion of the assets)
Operator Wolverhampton Corporation
Took over (ownership) August 1901 (British Electric Traction Company Limited) - Wolverhampton to Fighting Cocks section of the former Dudley and Wolverhampton Tramways
First electric route 6th February 1902
Last horse service 24th January 1904
Name changed circa 1921 (to Wolverhampton Corporation Tramways and Motors)
Took over (operation) 15th August 1925 (Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways - a British Electric Traction Company subsidiary) - Fighting Cocks to Dudley line
Name changed February 1926 (to Wolverhampton Corporation Transport)
Took over 9th August 1926 (WDET) - Deans Rd to Willenhall line
Closed 26th November 1928
Took over (operation) 1st September 1928 (WDET) - Fighting Cocks to Bilston; Willenhall, Bilston to Darlaston; and Bilston to Bradley services
Closed 30th November 1928

Length 13.85 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins; 4ft 8½ins

Button description The municipal arms (a shield bearing a cross dividing a column, a lock, a woolpack and a book) with cross keys and brazier crest, all above the motto: ‘OUT OF DARKNESS COMETH LIGHT’
Materials known Brass (1-piece construction); brass; nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [None]

Comments The above arms were granted to the Borough of Wolverhampton on 31st December 1898. Wolverhampton Corporation used an untitled coat of arms pattern button for all its transport services - including the tramways - up until the Corporation Transport concern's demise in 1969. The chrome issues actually post-date the tramway's closure, first appearing in 1946. I’ve included two variants, the first is a 1-piece button, the second a standard 2-piece button with a flat back. It is highly likely that the latter were the type used on tramway uniforms.