Waterloo and Great Crosby Tramways

Owner Waterloo-with-Seaforth UDC (1.66 miles) and Great Crosby UDC (1.00 mile)
Opened 19th June 1900 (electric)
Operator Liverpool Overhead Railway Company
Closed 31st December 1925
Length 2.66 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘THE LIVERPOOL OVERHEAD RAILWAY COMPANY’) within a border, surrounding a monogram of interwoven initials (‘LORC’).
Materials known Nickel; brass
Button Line reference [None]

Comment This line was unusual in that it was promoted and owned by two Urban District Councils, but was stocked and operated, for its entire life, by a railway company. Given that the tramcars were clearly lettered with 'Liverpool Overhead Railway Company' it would seem highly likely that tramcar staff wore the standard 'LORC' pattern button (see link).