York Corporation Tramways (City of York Tramways)

Owner York Corporation
Taken over 27th February 1909 (City of York Tramways Company)
Operator York Corporation
Last horse tram 7th September 1909
First electric route 20th January 1910
Name changed Late 1929 to York Corporation Transport Department
Taken over (operation) 1st April 1934 (York-West Yorkshire Joint Committee - a joint venture of York Corporation and the West Yorkshire Road Car Company)
Closed 16th November 1935
Length 8.49 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Title ('City of York Tramways') surrounding a quartered shield with five lions, all overlaying a crossed sword and mace, and surmounted by a cap
Materials known Nickel
Button Line reference [114/79]

Comments As no 'York Corporation Tramways' pattern button is known to exist, it would appear that the above button was used throughout most of the years of municipal ownership. Interestingly however, a photo exists of a York Motorman wearing 'CYT' collar dogs, but apparently wearing buttons without a title, raising the possibility that titled buttons may not always have been used (see photos).