Vale of Clyde Tramways (Govan lines)

Owner Vale of Clyde Tramways Company
Opened 1st January 1873 (horse)
Operator (lessee) Glasgow Tramways and Omnibus Company Limited (GT&OCo)
Took over (operation) 2nd July 1874 - Vale of Clyde Tramways Company
First regular steam service 20th August 1877
Engine operator (lessee) Henry Hughes and Company - builder of steam tram engines
Took over (operation) 21st July 1881
Last steam service 9th July 1893
Taken over (tracks) 9th July 1893 (Govan Commissioners of Police - the local authority)
Taken over (operation) 10th July 1893 (GT&OCo)
Taken over (operation) 11th November 1896 (Glasgow Corporation)
Taken over (ownership) 7th August 1912 (Glasgow Corporation) - following Glasgow's annexation of Govan
Length 2.28 miles (mileage increased slightly between 1892 and 1897 due to the construction of Princes Dock)
Gauge 4ft 7¾ins

Button description (GT&OCoLtd)
Monogram of intertwined initials 'GO&TCL' with 'G' inverted about its vertical axis
Materials known Silver plate; nickel
Button Line reference [None]

Button description (VofCTCo) Uniforms probably not worn

Button description (GCT) Title ('Glasgow Corporation Tramways') in circlet, surrounding arms (shield with fish, tree and bell, surmounted by a bishop with crozier), with fish supporters, all above motto: 'Let Glasgow Flourish'
Materials known Brass; gilt; nickel
Button Line reference [113/31]

Comments The GT&OCoLtd worked the Vale of Clyde Tramways with horse traction from 1873 to 1874, and again from 1893 to 1896, conductors (see link) would undoubtedly have worn the monogram button depicted. Whether any specifically marked buttons were issued by the Vale of Clyde Tramways Company during its 19 years (1874-93) as an operator is currently unknown, though it seems highly unlikely.

The VoCTCo also owned and operated a section of the Greenock and Port Glasgow Tramways (see link), though this was geographically unconnected with the company's Govan lines.

The unusual gauge was to allow for the running of railway wagons.