Southport Corporation Tramways

Owner Southport Corporation
Took over (track) 1896 (Southport Tramways Company Ltd [horse] - lines within the borough) - leased back to the company
Operator (lessee) Southport Tramways Company Ltd
First electric route 1st January 1900
Operator Southport Corporation
Took over (track) 1st January 1900 (Birkdale and Southport Tramways Company - lines within the borough) - leased back to the company
Took over (operation) 15th December 1901 - lines within the borough formerly leased to the Birkdale and Southport Tramways Company (horse)
Last horse tram 12th December 1902
Took over (track) 1st April 1912 (lines owned by Birkdale Urban District Council but leased to the STCoL, following the BUDC's absorption into Southport)
Took over (ownership) 1st January 1918 (STCL [electric], following termination of the company's lease)
Took over (operation) 1st March 1918 (STCL lines)
Closed 31st December 1934
Length 17.4 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘Southport Corporation Tramways’) in garter, surrounding arms (shield with three crosses and an oared boat surmounted by a cross with snake ) all above motto: ‘Salvs popvli’ (For the health of the people)
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [114/64]