Sunderland Corporation Tramways

Owner Sunderland Corporation
Opened June 1880 to January 1881 (horse)
Operator (lessee) Sunderland Tramways Company
Took over (tracks) 26th March 1900 (Sunderland Tramways Company) - lines not already owned by the corporation
Took over (operation) 30th March 1900
First electric route 15th August 1900
Last horse service 19th February 1901
Name changed 1937 - to Sunderland Corporation Transport
Closed 1st October 1954
Length 12.24 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘Sunderland Corporation Tramways’) surrounding assumed arms (a sextant within a heavily stylised ovoid shield), adorned with garlands
Materials known Nickel; chrome; brass
Button Line reference [114/65]

Sunderland was not officially granted arms until 1947, therefore arms which pre-date this are regarded as 'assumed'.