St Helens Corporation Tramways

Owner St Helens Corporation
Took over
1st April 1897 (St Helens and District Tramways Co Ltd [steam]) - track
Operator (lessee) St Helens and District Tramways Co Ltd (leased back to the previous owners by St Helens Corporation)
Name change 4th November 1898 - lessee company name changed to New St Helens and District Tramways Co Ltd
First electric route 20th July 1899
Lessee taken over October 1906 - controlling interest in the NStH&DTCoLtd acquired by Lancashire United Tramways Limited
Took over (operation) 1st October 1919
Closed 31st March 1936
Length 21.96 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘St Helens Corporation Tramways’) in stylised circlet, surrounding arms (quartered shield surmounted by a lion), all above motto ‘Ex Terra Lucem’ (Light out of the Earth)
Materials known Nickel
Button Line reference [114/62]

Comment It is currently unknown what marked buttons were worn by staff of the lessee company, the New St Helens and District Tramways Company (see link).

The NStH&DTCo was the operator of both the St Helens Corporation system and the Liverpool and Prescott Light Railway, both of which had several board members in common. The NStH&DTCo’s parent company, Lancashire United Tramways was also the parent company of the L&PLR, as well as the South Lancashire Tramways Company.