Wolverhampton Tramways

Owner Wolverhampton Tramways Company Limited
Opened 1st May 1878 (horse)
Operator Wolverhampton Tramways Company Limited
First steam service circa May 1881
Last steam service probably 2nd November 1881
Taken over 1898 - controlling interest gained by the British Electric Traction Company Limited
Taken over 1st May 1900 (Wolverhampton Corporation) - lines within the municipal boundary (and a proportion of the assets)
Taken over 1st May 1900 (BETCo) - lines outside the Wolverhampton municipal boundary (and the remaining assets)
Operator BETCo - lines outside Wolverhampton;
Closed September 1900 - subsequently re-opneed and operated electrically by Wolverhampton District Electric Tramways Limited, a BETCo subsidiary
Company wound up 18th March 1901
Length 8.69 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Uniforms not worn

Comments Surviving photographs strongly suggest that both drivers and conductors wore informal attire (see link).