Middlesbrough Corporation Tramways

Owner Middlesbrough Corporation
Took over
3rd April 1921 (Middlesbrough, Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramways [electric] - a subsidiary of the Imperial Tramways Company Limited) - lines within the corporation boundary
Operator Middlesbrough Corporation
Closed 9th June 1934
Length 5.49 miles
Gauge 3ft 7ins

Button description Diagonally hatched block letters (‘M.C.T’), within a solid rim
Materials known Brass; chrome
Button Line reference [None]

Comment I have no firm evidence that this pattern of button was an issue of Middlesbrough Corporation Tramways, though it is frequently identified as such. Note that the remainder of the MS&TET system, ie, that outside the Middlesbrough Corporation boundary, was taken over - at the same time - and run as a joint concern by the corporations of Stockon-on-Tees and Thornaby