Douglas and Laxey Cost Electric Tramway (later the Manx Electric Railway)

Owner Douglas Bay Estate Limited
Opened 7th September 1893 (electric)
Operator Douglas Bay Estate Limited
Taken over March 1894 (Douglas and Laxey Coast Electric Tramway Company Limited, an entity specifically constituted to take over the line)
Operator Douglas and Laxey Coast Electric Tramway Company Limited
Company renamed 1st May 1894 ('Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Co Ltd')
Taken over 18th August 1902 (Manx Electric Railway Company), following liquidation of the 'IoMT&EPCo'
Nationalised 1st June 1957 (Manx Government)
Length 17.75 miles
Gauge 3ft 0ins

Button description Plain with scalloped rim
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [None]

Comment The Isle of Man Tramways and Electric Power Co Ltd also owned the Snaefell Mountain Railway, the Douglas Bay Tramway and the Upper Douglas Tramway, the latter two being purchased by Douglas Corporation following liquidation of the 'IoMT&EPC' on 25th September 1901. It is entirely possible that the MER, in issuing standard 'scalloped rim' buttons, merely continued the existing uniform policy of the prior owners ('D&LCETCo' and the 'IoMT&EPCo'), however, this remains pure speculation.

Evidence to support the plain button with scalloped rim being issued by the 'MER' comes from 'Railway Buttons, Badges and Uniforms' by David J Froggatt; Malaga Books, Ian Allan Limited (1986).