Middlesbrough and Stockton Tramways

Owner Middlesbrough and Stockton Tramways Company Ltd
20th January 1875 (horse)
Operator (lessee) Middlesbrough and Stockton Tramways Company Ltd
Taken over (company) August 1878 (Imperial Tramways Company Limited)
Closed 24th December 1897
Length 2.59 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Elaborate script initials 'ITCL'
Materials known Brass; nickel
Button Line reference [116/83]n

Photographs of the horse tramway are extremely rare, and the one shot which has survived that depicts a tramwayman (in this case a driver; see link) is of very poor quality. It does however appear to show that the subject is wearing a jacket with reflective buttons (i.e., of metal), suggesting that a uniform is being worn.

The button opposite was originally ascribed (in Button Lines, the journal of the British Button Society) to the 'Ipswich Tramway Company Limited'; however, this company did not issue its staff with uniforms (see link), so the attribution is almost certainly incorrect. A much stronger possibility, though still to be conclusively proven, is that it is an issue of the Middlesbrough and Stockton Tramways, and its successor, the Middlesbrough, Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramways, both of which were wholly owned and directly worked by the Imperial Tramways Company Limited.

The Middlesbrough and Stockton Tramways and the Stockton and District Tramways were both closed as a precursor to rebuilding as a 3ft 7in gauge electric tramway (Middlesbrough, Stockton and Thornaby Electric Tramways).