Rossendale Valley Tramways

Owner Rossendale Valley Tramways Company
Opened 31st January 1889 (steam)
Operator Rossendale Valley Tramways Company
Taken over July 1898 (British Electric Traction Company Limited) - majority shareholding acquired
Taken over 1st October 1908 (Rawtenstall and Bacup Corporations, but worked by Rawtenstall Corporation Tramways)
Length 6.35 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Elaborate script initials (‘RVTC’)
Materials known Brass
Button Line reference [None]

Comment Although the 'BETCo' owned the 'RVTCo' for approximately 8 years, staff were never issued with the standard 'BETCo' 'Magnet and Wheel' cap badge or buttons (see link); this was very likely a conscious decision given the distinctive 'electrical' design that they bore. The 'BETCo' did in fact push to electrify the line, but gave up in the face of concerted local authority opposition.

Prior to the BETCo takeover, staff certainly wore uniforms with metal buttons (see link), though whether these were of the pattern depicted opposite remains unknown. Although it has been suggested that the button depicted is a hunt button (hunt buttons often used an elaborate 'H' that is easily mistaken for a 'TC'), the prominent bar on the top of the 'H' certainly favours the 'RVTC' interpretation rather than 'RVH'.