Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation Tramways

Owner Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corporation
Opened 5th December 1878 (horse; later steam as well)
Operator (lessee) William Turton and Daniel Busby
Taken over (operation) 5th December 1878 to 1883 (William Turton and Daniel Busby) all lines owned and built by Newcastle Corporation
Operator name changed 1885 (to the Newcastle Tramway Company) - a company formed by Turton and Busby to run the services
Taken over (leases) October 1888 (Newcastle and Gosforth Tramway and Carriage Company) - a new company of which William Turton was a director, and to which all the leases were transferred
Last horse service 13th April 1901 (following termination of the Newcastle and Gosforth Tramway and Carriage Company leases)
First electric route 16th December 1901
Closed 4th March 1950
Length 51.27 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description
Title (‘Newcastle Corpn Tramways’) surrounding arms (shield with 3 towers, surmounted by tower with lion) all above motto: ‘Fortita Defendit Triumphans’ (Triumphing by brave defence)
Materials known Nickel; brass; black horn
Button Line reference [114/49]