Neath Tramways

Owner Neath and District Tramways Company
Opened 1875 (horse)
Operator Neath and District Tramways Company
Taken over 1897 (Neath Town Council/Corporation)
Operator Neath Town Council/Corporation
Last horse service 29th August 1899
First gas service 31st August 1899
Operator (lessee) British Gas Traction Company Ltd (a subsidiary of the Germany company, Luhrig)
Took over (operation) End of 1899 (Neath Corporation)
Taken over (operation) 1902 (Neath Gas Traction Company)
Name changed (lessee) 1903 (to the Provincial Gas Traction Company Ltd)
Took over (operation) 1916 (Neath Corporation)
Closed 8th August 1920
Length 3.96 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description (horse era) Uniforms not worn

Button description (gas era) Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment Photographs taken during the gas tram era (see link) clearly show that staff wore standard 'tramway' uniforms; however, as marked buttons have not come to light, it seems likely that the uniforms bore plain buttons.

Neath was one of only three systems in the UK to operate gas trams, the others being Blackpool, St Anne's and Lytham Tramways and Trafford Park Tramways.