Lincoln Tramways Company

The Lincoln Tramways Company (LTCo) operated horse trams for over twenty years, from 1882 through to its take-over by Lincoln Corporation in 1904. Despite this, photographs which conclusively stem from this era are extremely rare, but what has survived is enough to suggest that drivers and conductors simply wore informal but smart attire — trousers, overcoats, jackets, waistcoats, shirts and ties. Headgear appears to have largely followed the fashion of the day, predominantly the bowler hat, though in later years, no doubt flat caps would have made an appearance. No badges of any kind appear to have been worn on either the uniforms or the hats.

Given the small size of the system, it seems likely that the LTCo did not bother to employ the services of an inspector, and certainly, no photographs of them have survived.

For a history of Lincoln's tramways, see: 'The Tramway Review' Nos 63 (p163-173), 64 (p195-205) and 65 (p19-26) by D H Yarnell; Light Railway Transport League (1970 and 1971).


Horse tram drivers and conductors
Lincoln Horse Tram c1890
Lincoln Tramway Company horsecar at the Bracebridge terminus around 1890. All the adults present are wearing workman-like attire. This photograph is taken from Tramway Review No 63 (1970), the whereabouts of the original being unknown.