Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways

Close-up photographs of St Annes-on-the Sea Council Tramways staff, or its later incarnation, Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways, are extremely rare, so it is not even possible to say what jackets were worn, though it seems likely that they were in fact single-breasted with upright collars. Caps were in the upright military style and probably carried a large brass cap badge comprising a quartered shield above a scroll containing the full system title: 'St Annes-on-the-Sea Council Tramways'. Following the amalgamation of St Annes and Lytham in 1922, the cap badge was changed to the new borough shield above the new system title: 'Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways'; these badges, and matching buttons (see link), were issued in nickel. Script-lettering grade badges - either 'Motorman' or 'Conductor' - were worn beneath the main cap badge, though there is some evidence to suggest that these were dispensed with in later years.

Staff were also issued with double-breasted overcoats with high, fold-over collars; the latter do not appear to have carried any insignia. Motormen also wore a licence, usually hung on a strap from a button on the left breast; it is currently unclear what form the licence took, though it is possible that staff simply continued to wear the same red and white enamel 'Blackpool, St Annes and Lytham Tramways' licences that they had worn in company days (see below).

Photographs of inspectors are yet to come to light, so it is currently unclear what uniforms were worn.


Motormen and conductors
St Annes Council Tramways cap badge
St Annes-on-the-Sea Council Tramways cap badge - brass. These were probably used from late 1920 to 1922 only, when the name was changed to Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways.

Lytham St Annes Borough Tram and motorman
Lytham St Annes motorman at the controls of an unidentified trancar - photo undated, but probably taken in the early 1930s. Photo courtesy of Duncan Holden.

Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways cap badge
Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways - nickel. Probably worn from circa 1922 up until the demise of the tramway in 1937. Author's collection.

Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways cap badges
Standard 'off-the-shelf' script-lettering cap badges of the type worn by Lytham St Annes Borough Tramways staff - nickel.

Blackpool St Annes and Lytham Tramways licence
Licence, probably worn by motormen during the municipal era. Author's collection.