Haslingden Corporation Tramways

Although Haslingden Corporation was a tramway owner from 1887 through to 1930, it only ever operated services itself from the 1st January to 20th October 1908, and even these services may have been contracted to Accrington Corporation (this is unclear). Prior to 1908, the line was leased to the Accrington Corporation Steam Tramways Company (and for a small time, Accrington Corporation, following their take-over of the ACSTCo), and subsequently, following electrification, all services were once again worked by Accrington Corporation.

During the brief 10 months that Haslingden worked its own steam services, it chose not to issue staff with uniforms. In common with the vast majority of steam tramways, drivers wore railway footplate-like attire consisting of cotton jacket, trousers and grease-top cap; conductors wore informal but smart attire comprising jacket, trousers, shirt and the fashionable headgear of the day, the flat cap. No insignia of any kind appears to have been worn.

During the electric era, although tram services were operated by Accrington Corporation, Haslingden saw fit to employ its own tramway inspectors. Photographic evidence is however lacking, so it is currently not possible to say what uniforms they wore, though they may possibly have included the cap/collar badge depicted below, as this was certainly used during Haslingden Corporation Transport days.

For more information on Haslingden Corporation's steam tram operations, see 'A History of the British Steam Tram, Volume 3 by David Gladwin; Adam Gordon (2007)


Steam tram drivers and conductors
Haslingden Corporation Steam Tram
The crews of an unidentified Haslingden Corporation steam tram and Accrington Corporation Tramways electric Tramcar No 16 pose for the camera — photograph presumably taken during 1908 when Haslingden briefly ran its own steam trams, before handing over operation of its newly built electric lines to Accrington. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society, with thanks to David Voice.

Haslingden Corporation Tramways steam tram crew
A blow-up of the above photo, which shows the driver (in railway footplate-like attire) and the conductor (in informal attire).

Haslingden Corporation Tramways steam tram
The last steam tram service on the Baxenden and Haslingden route — 28th September 1908. It is unclear if the conductor (extreme right) is wearing a uniform or not. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society, with thanks to David Voice.

Haslingden Corporation Steam Tram and crew 1908
A crowded street scene, apparently the last 'steamer' from Haslingden, which if true, would date the photo to the 20th October 1908. The conductor (right) is wearing an informal jacket and a flat cap. With thanks to Phil Calvey for the identification. Photo courtesy of Duncan Holden.

Senior staff
Haslingden Corporation Tramways inspector's cap badge
Possible Haslingden inspector's cap or collar badge — nickel. This badge was certainly worn by employees of Haslingden Corporation Transport (i.e., long after the demise of the tramway), and may therefore have been issued to Haslingden inspectors during the tramway era. Inspectors were the only Haslingden staff to work on the tramway, as it was leased to Accrington Corporation Tramways, with trams and their crews being provided by the latter.