Birmingham and Aston Tramways

Owner Birmingham and Aston Tramways Co Ltd
Opened 26th December 1882 (steam)
Operator Birmingham and Aston Tramways Co Ltd (company-owned lines within Aston Manor UDC and Birmingham Corporation-owned track within the city boundary)
Taken over 30th June 1902 (Aston UDC)
Operator Aston Manor UDC
Taken over (operation) 1st January 1904 (City of Birmingham Tramways Company)
Taken over (operation) 4th January 1904 (Birmingham Corporation) - lines within the city boundary, newly converted to overhead electric traction
Taken over (lease) 19th September 1904 (City of Birmingham Tramways Company) - newly electrified lines built by Aston Manor UDC
Last steam tram 14th November 1904 - all former lines were now worked electrically by the City of Birmingham Tramways Company and Birmingham Corporation
Length 4.85 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Marked buttons not worn

Comments Photos show that conductors on steam tram services were definitely issued with uniforms (see link), however, the buttons were clearly not reflective, suggesting that they were probably unmarked composite or horn.