Birkenhead Tramways

Took over 1877 (Birkenhead Street Railway Company Ltd [horse])
Operator Birkenhead Tramways Company
Took over 12th October 1879 (Hoylake and Birkenhead Rail and Tramway Company [horse])
Taken over (track) 1889 (Birkenhead Corporation)
Taken over (company) 15th August 1890 (Birkenhead United Tramway, Omnibus and Carriage Co Ltd [horse])
Operator (lessee) Birkenhead United Tramway, Omnibus and Carriage Co Ltd
Closed 31st December 1900
10.64 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Uniforms not worn

Comment Photos of Birkenhead Tramways Company are unfortunately yet to come to light. The BTCo's successor company, the Birkenhead United tramway, Omnibus and Carriage Co, is however well represented photographically (see link), and these clearly show that staff, with the exception of overcoats, did not wear formal uniforms. It therefore seems highly likely that marked company buttons never existed.