Bradford Tramways (and Omnibus) Company

Bradford Corporation
Inaugural service 2nd February 1882 (horse; later steam) - Manningham Lane line
Operator (lessee) Bradford Tramways Company (later reconstituted as the Bradford Tramways and Omnibus Company Limited)
Took over (operation) 31st March 1893 - Saltaire line, owned by Shipley Local Board
Taken over 1st February 1902 (Bradford Corporation) - all lines owned by the Corporation, including those formerly owned by Shipley Local Board (absorbed by Bradford in 1899)
Length 17 miles (approx)
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comment Photos indicate that conductors wore uniforms with metal buttons (see link), suggesting that marked buttons may indeed have existed; however, none has yet come to light.