Bath Electric Tramways Limited

Owner Bath Electric Tramways Ltd
Took over July 1902 (Bath Horse Tramways, owned by the Bath Roadcar and Tramways Co Ltd [horse])
Operator Bath Electric Tramways Ltd
First electric route 2nd January 1904
Taken over December 1936 (Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company Ltd)
Closed 6th May 1939
Length 14.78 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Elaborate script initials 'BETL'
Materials known Brass; nickel
Button Line reference [113/17]

Comment The horse tramway was purchased from its owners (Bath Road Car & Tramways Co Ltd) in 1902 as a prelude to electrification, with the last horse car running on the 25th July 1902. Although the purchaser was Bath Corporation, the transaction was actually carried out on behalf of the promoters of Bath Electrics Tramways Ltd.