Chesterfield Tramways

Chesterfield's horse tram system, which was opened in November 1882, was built and operated by the Chesterfield and District Tramways Company. The C&DTCo was taken over by the Chesterfield Tramways Company in December 1886, and the latter operated the services for the next eleven years, until November 1897, when the undertaking was acquired by Chesterfield Corporation. The last horse tram in Chesterfield ran under the auspices of the corporation on the 19th December 1904.

Photographs taken prior to the municipal take-over of 1897, which depict drivers and conductors are relatively rare, and of those that do survive, it is likely that all were taken in the Chesterfield Tramways Company era (1886 to 1897). These clearly show that the crews wore informal but smart attire, consisting of a jacket, shirt, tie and the fashionable headgear of the day, invariably a bowler hat. No insignia of any kind appears to have been worn, including municipal licences.

Photographs of inspectors have not survived, and it may well be that the owning companies never employed them.

Further reading
For further information on Chesterfield's tramways, see: 'A Chesterfield Tramscape' by B Marsden (Ryestone Publications; 2011); and 'Tracks and Trackless — Chesterfield's Trams and Trolleybuses' by B Marsden (Amberley Publishing; 2012).


Horse tram drivers and conductors
Chesterfield Tramways Company
A driver and conductor stand with an unidentified horsecar at West Bars — photo undated, but certainly taken before 1897 and possibly before 1890 given the style of the bowler hats. Photo and background information courtesy of the Barry Marsden Collection.

Chesterfield Tramways Company horse tram No 5
The driver of Chesterfield Tramways Company Horsecar No 5 converses with his conductor at the Market Place terminus — photo undated, but certainly taken between 1890 when No 5 was delivered and 1897. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society, with thanks to David Voice.

CHesterfield Tramways Company conductor and driver.
A blow-up of the above photo showing the driver and conductor, both clearly wearing informal attire.