Colne and Trawden Light Railways
(Colne Corporation Light Railways)

Photographs depicting staff of the Colne and Trawden Light Railways Company and its municipal successor, Colne Corporation Light Railways, are fairly scarce, so there is precious little evidence to go on.

Early shots indicate that staff wore single-breasted jackets with upright collars, and though the latter probably bore badges of some kind, it is currently unclear what form these took. Caps were in a tall kepi style and appear to have borne script-lettering grade badges, though once again the paucity and poor quality of surviving images does not allow this to be discerned with certainty. At some point however, probably in the mid-Edwardian era, caps were changed to an upright military style, and these very likely bore standard, off-the-shelf, script-lettering grade badges - 'Conductor' and 'Driver' - presumably in brass to match the buttons (see link), though even this cannot be stated with certainty!

Staff were also issued with double-breasted overcoats with two rows of five buttons and high, fold-over collars; it is unclear whether the latter bore any insignia.

I have yet to see a single photograph from the corporation era showing a member of the tramways staff, so it is impossible to state what uniforms were worn from 1915 up to the absorption of the system into the Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee in 1933.

With respect to senior staff, a single photograph taken prior to municipalisation appears to shows an inspector wearing an overcoat similar to those worn by tramcar staff; he is also wearing a cap with what appears to be a script-lettering cap badge, presumably 'Inspector'.

In common with many tramway systems, it is highly likely that Colne employed female staff during the Great War to replace male staff lost to the armed services; however, photographs are yet come to light, so it is impossible to say what uniforms were worn.


Motormen and conductors
Colne and Trawden Light Railway Tram No 3
Motorman at the controls of Tramcar No 3 bound for Nelson - photo undated, but probably early Edwardian. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society.

Colne and Trawden Light Railways Tramcar No 4
A motorman and conductor (seemingly in informal attire) pose with Tramcar No 4, along with an individual who may be an inspector - photo undated, but probably mid Edwardian. With thanks to Jim Halsall.

Colen and Trawden tramways cap badge
General pattern brass script-lettering cap badges of the type probably issued to staff working the Colne tramcars.

Colne and Trawden Light Railways tram No 4
Motorman and conductor, once again in informal attire, with Tramcar No 4 at the Emmott Lane Terminus - photo undated, but certainly mid Edwardian. With thanks to Duncan Holden.