Dearne District Light Railways

The DDLR was the last of the first generation UK tramways, opening as late as 1924, and lasting barely nine years before abandonment. Motormen and conductors were issued with double-breasted jackets with two rows of four buttons (pattern unknown) and lapels; the latter were devoid of insignia. Caps were in the military style with a glossy peak and tensioned crown (top); these carried a large, brass, oval cap badge bearing the full system title above an 'art deco' ribbon, with a rose below - the latter presumably representing the white rose of Yorkshire. In the only example known to me, there is a prominent oval within the ribbon design at the centre of the badge which is suspiciously empty, raising the possibility that issued examples may have contained an employee number therein.

Male staff were also issued with smart double-breasted overcoats - as opposed to greatcoats - with lapels; these coats do not appear to have borne insignia of any kind.

Details of inspectors' uniforms are currently unclear.

Despite the fact that the DDLR operated wholly within the interwar period, it nevertheless employed female staff in significant numbers. Although precise details of the uniforms are unclear, they definitely wore tailored, double-breasted overcoats with lapels, as well as baggy peaked caps; the latter bore the standard large oval cap badge.


Motormen and conductors
Dearne District Light Railway Tram No 21
The crew of Tram No 21 pose with their charge under Wath LMSR railway bridge - photo undated, but given the crowd, probably taken around the time of opening, i.e. July 1924. Author's collection.

Dearne District Light RailwayTram No 21 crew
A blow up of the above showing the crew. Although poorly focused, it does show that a large oval cap badge was worn, almost certainly that shown below.

Dearne District Light Railway cap badge
Dearne District Light Railway cap badge - brass. Given the empty space in the centre of the badge, there is a suspicion that this is an unfinished example, and that issued badges may have included an employee number; however, this must await photographic proof.

Dearne District Light Railway Tram No 24 at Wombwell
DDLR motorman (and an unidentified individual, possible an enthusiast) pose for the cameraman at Wombwell with Tramcar No 24 - photo undated. Photo courtesy of the National Tramway Museum.

Dearne District Light Railway Tram No 17 at Manvers Main on 28th September 1933
An excellent study of Tramcar No 17 taken at Manvers Main on the 28th September 1933, just two days before closure. Photo courtesy of the National Tramway Museum.

Female staff
Dearne District Light Railway Tram No 9, driver and conductress
Conductress and motorman with Tramcar No 9 - photo undated. The conductress is wearing a double-breasted coat along with a baggy peaked cap; the latter bears the standard oval D&DLR cap badge. Photo courtesy of the National Tramway Museum.