Chester Tramways Company

Although images taken during the horse tramway era (1878-1902) are relatively uncommon, enough have survived to be reasonably sure that Chester Tramways Company did not issue uniforms to its staff. Crews therefore wore a variety of smart but informal attire, jacket, shirt and tie, along with the fashionable headgear of the day (flat caps, bowlers and even homburgs). No badges or insignia of any kind were worn.

The CTCo does not appear to have used the services of inspectors, probably due to its small size.

For a photographic history of the tramway, see 'Chester Tramways' by Barry M Marsden; Middleton Press (2007).


Horse tram drivers and conductors

Chester Tramways Company Horsecar No 4 - with trace horse - pictured at the Saltney terminus around the turn of the century. With thanks to West Cheshire and Chester Council (see link).

A blow-up of the above photo showing the driver (wearing jacket, waistcoat, trousers and a homburg) and his very youthful looking conductor (in jacket, trousers and flat cap). No badges or licences are in evidence. With thanks to West Cheshire and Chester Council (see link).