Musselburgh and District Tramways

Owner National Electric Construction Company Limited (NECCo)
12th December 1904 (electric)
Operator NECCo
Ownership transferred August 1905 (Musselburgh and District Electric Light and Traction Company Limited - a local subsidiary of the NECCo)
Joint operation 24th June 1923 (Edinburgh Corporation Tramways) - Waterloo Place to Port Seton
Closed 25th February 1928 - Levenhall to Port Seton section, excepting miners' specials
Taken over (operation) 1st March 1928 (ECT) - Joppa to Levenhall section
Last company-operated service circa end of March 1928 (miners' specials)
Taken over (owning company) 1st January 1931 (British Electric Traction Company Limited) - following its acquisition of the NECCo
Taken over (ownership) 25th April 1932 (Edinburgh Corporation) - Joppa to Levenhall section
Length 6.62 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Plain with scalloped rim
Materials known Brass; nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [None]

Although artistically embellished by the hand-colouring process, a studio portrait of Musselburgh and District Tramways motorwoman, Annie Moffat, strongly suggests that the uniform buttons were brass, and that they were plain with a scalloped rim (see link).

The NECCo also owned and/or operated the following systems: City of Oxford Tramways (1907-1914); Dewsbury, Ossett & Soothill Nether Tramways (1908-1931); Mexborough and Swinton Tramways (1907-1929); Rhondda Tramways (1908-1934); and Torquay Tramways (1907-1934).