Matlock Cable Tramway

Owner Matlock Cable Tramway Co Ltd
28th March 1893 (cable)
Operator Matlock Cable Tramway Co Ltd
Ownership gifted 24th June 1898 (to Matlock Urban District Council) - by Sir George Newnes, who had previously bought out all the other shareholders
Owners named changed 1st April 1924 (to the Matlocks UDC’) following the merger of Matlock UDC, Matlock Bath & Scarthin Nick UDC, the Parish of Cromford and the Parish of Tansley
23rd September 1927
Length 0.5 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description
No evidence that marked buttons were ever issued

Comment Given that the company and the council are known to have ordered uniforms from small, local suppliers, it seems likely that plain, unmarked buttons were used (see link).

Sir George Newnes was a native of the town, an MP and the publisher of ‘Tit Bits’ and ‘The Strand Magazine’.