Dewsbury, Ossett and Soothill Nether Tramways

Owner Dewsbury Corporation (circa 0.2 miles; 2.0 miles from 1910 following its absorption of Soothill Nether Urban District Council); Soothill Nether UDC (circa 1.8 miles) and Ossett Corporation (1.14 miles)
12th November 1908 (electric)
Operator (lessee) National Electric Construction Company Limited (NECCo)
Taken over (lessee) 1st January 1931 (British Electric Traction Company Limited, following its acquisition of the NECCo)
Operator Yorkshire (Woollen District) Electric Tramways Co Ltd (a BETCo subsidiary)
Closed 19th October 1933
Length 3.14 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comments Although staff of the Dewsbury, Ossett and Soothill Nether Tramways were clearly issued with uniforms (see link), the fact that marked buttons have not come to light, nor are any known from the other five NECCo-owned/operated tramways (see below), it seems highly likely that the buttons were plain (probably with a scalloped rim).

It is unlikely that staff were issued with new uniforms bearing the standard BETCo button (see link) following the transfer of the DO&SNT to the Y(WD)ETCo, as the distinctive BETCo 'Magnet and Wheel' cap badge is completely absent in a staff photo believed to have been taken in 1933.

The NECCo also owned and/or operated the following systems: City of Oxford Tramways (1907-1914); Mexborough and Swinton Tramways (1907-1929); Musselburgh and District Tramways (1904-1928); Rhondda Tramways (1908-1934); and Torquay Tramways (1907-1934).