Potteries Electric Traction

Owner Potteries Electric Traction Company Ltd (a subsidiary of the British Electric Traction Company Limited)
Took over 21st November 1899 (North Staffordshire Tramways Company [electric])
Closed 11th July 1928
Length 31.73 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Wheel, magnet and electrical flashes
Materials known Brass; nickel; chrome; black composite
Button Line reference [113/16]

Although the NSTCo became a subsidiary of the PETCo in 1899 (both were owned/controlled by the BETCo), a rather strange state of affairs existed whereby the NSTCo continued as the owning company of the existing lines, with the PETCo working those lines. This complex relationship was only resolved in March 1932 with the liquidation of the NSTCo, almost four years after the closure of the tramway as a whole. Photos (see link) show uniformed staff wearing the standard 'BETCo 'Magnet and Wheel' cap badge, and they undoubtedly wore the standard 'BETCo' buttons as well.