Ryde Pier Tramway

Owner Ryde Pier Company
29th August 1864 (horse/steam)
Operator Ryde Pier Company
Electrified 1st March 1886
Taken over 1924 (Southern Railway)
De-electrified 1927
Nationalised 1st January 1948 (British Railways)
Closed 1969
Length 1.51 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘Ryde Pier Company’) in garter, surrounding a tower
Materials known Silver plate
Button Line reference [None]

Comment The Ryde Pier Tramway was one of those concerns which straddled the tramway/railway boundary. Indeed, when the original tramway was extended into the town in 1870/71, it was officially known as the Ryde Pier Railway. However, operations on terra firma didn't last long, ceasing in 1880 when the railway proper was extended onto the esplanade and up to the pier gates. Electrification was on the third rail principle so the line was effectively a railway, despite still being called a tramway. Electric working lasted until 1927 when Drewry petrol railcars were introduced, these subsequently being converted to diesel in 1959.