Marble Arch Street Railway

Owner Marble Arch Street Railway Company Limited
Opened 23rd March 1861 (horse)
Operator Marble Arch Street Railway Company Limited
Closed mid-September 1861
Length Circa 1 mile
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Title (‘STREET RAIL COMPANY LIMITED’), within a border, surrounding a pair of hands (in a handshake), crossed flags (UK and USA) and elaborate initials, ‘SR’
Materials known Nickel
Button Line reference None

Comment Following the successful opening of the first true street tramway in the British Isles (Birkenhead Street Railway) in 1860 by the American promoter and entrepreneur George Francis Train, he then moved quickly to bring his ideas to the capital. Against much opposition, he opened three separate lines, each approximately one mile in length. These were operated by the Marble Arch Street Railway Company, the Westminster Street Railway Company, and the Surrey Side Street Railway Company. All three lines were to close within 15 months of the first opening. It is assumed that the above button was issued to staff of the aforementioned companies, though no firm evidence exists to support this.