Buttons are listed alphabetically in five separate categories. To go to a particular entry, click on the corresponding tab at the top of the page and then on the tramway company title in the list.

Each individual button entry consists of:

- a potted history (chronology) of the tramway company
- a description of the button
- a list of known materials (eg, nickel, brass, chrome etc)
- a reference to Alan R. Williams' excellent 'Button Lines' articles (Issue/Button Number)
- an image (or more if there were different types or variants of one type)

If you can't find a particular button, this may of course mean that the company in question never issued 'marked' buttons, however, it may also be that it is one of the missing ones I'm looking for, a completely 'unknown' button, or more complicated still, a button from one of the companies owned by bigger combines such as the British Electric Traction Company Limited. Please note that I am always happy to add buttons from others' collections, as long as people can provide me with a decent quality image (jpeg, tiff etc). Of course, if you have a button spare and would be willing to sell it to me, then even better


I should confess now to being a long-time collector of British railway company buttons, with only a relatively recent interest in tramway buttons. To this end I'd like to thank the late Roger Revell for helping me with my initial fumblings in the field (and for selling me several buttons) and Rex Butler and Graham Prescott for bringing Alan Williams' excellent 'Button Lines' articles to my attention. Particular thanks go to Graham, Gary Bayfield, John Burford and Nick Thurlow for providing me with numerous photos of buttons from their extensive collections.