Blackpool and Fleetwood Tram Road Company

Despite the company operating an intensive service for the best part of 22 years, one heavily used by tourists, good quality photographs of staff are extremely rare. Motorman and conductors were issued with single-breasted jackets with five silver plated buttons (see link) and upright collars; it is unclear if the latter carried any insignia. Caps were in the kepi-style and carried a large round nickel cap badge comprising the arms of both Blackpool and Fleetwood beneath a tramcar, all within a garter containing the full system title (see below). The badge was very similar in form to the early Blackpool Corporation Tramways cap badge (see link), as well as that of City of Carlisle Electric Tramways Company (see link), with which the company shared a director. Caps appear to have changed in the Edwardian era to a more flatter, soft-topped railway style.

It is currently unclear whether the uniforms changed in later years, or what uniforms were worn by inspectors. It is also unknown whether the company employed female staff during the Great War.


Motormen and conductors
24 - 1CROP
A Blackpool and Fleetwood motorman leans from the platform of Saloon Car No 24 in Cleveleys - photo undated, but almost certainly early Edwardian. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society.

Blackpool and Fleetwood Tram Road Cap badge
Cap badge - nickel. Author's Collection.