Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee

For the last two years of their collective lives, the municipal tramway systems of Burnley, Colne and Nelson were amalgamated, along with their respective bus operations, into a unitary concern, the Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee. The new entity quickly sought to establish its own identity (the new BC&NJTC device was applied to tramcars), and several photos clearly show tramway staff wearing the distinctive oval badge of the BC&NJTC (see below). Indeed, all staff depicted in a film taken on the last day of Burnley’s tramway operation (see the ’Tramways of North Lancashire’ - Online Video) shows them wearing these badges.

Photos suggest that the BC&NJTC retained the same style of uniforms as those latterly issued by Burnley Corporation Tramways, though this may be due to the photographic record overwhelmingly depicting former employees of that system, given that it made up over two-thirds of the nascent BC&NJTC. It is unknown whether new uniforms were issued - either wholesale or piecemeal - or whether the uniforms were retained and only the insignia replaced.

Both motormen and conductors wore double-breasted jackets with two rows of four buttons (presumably carrying the BC&NJTC monogram - see link), three waist-level pockets (with flaps) and lapels; the latter appear to have borne employee numbers in individual metal numerals (possibly chrome). Caps were in the upright military style and bore a large oval cap badge consisting of three shields (representing the constituent authorities), surrounded by the full system title in a garter. These were very probably chrome.

Inspectors wore single-breasted jackets with hidden buttons and upright lapels; the latter almost certainly bore the designation 'Inspector' in embroidered script lettering. Caps were in the military style and bore a cloth cap badge embroidered with 'B.C.&N.' above 'Inspector', all within a wreath. These badges were identical in form to those previously worn by Burnley Corporation Tramways inspectors.

One photo clearly shows a conductor sporting a municipal licence, which may be the type illustrated below, though this seems smaller than the one in the photograph. Interestingly, Burnley was actually a County Borough throughout the life of the tramway, only being relegated to ‘Borough’ status on the 1st April 1974. The licence shown below clearly predates the 1970s (the familiar bakelite/plastic PSV badges would probably have been used on the buses from the mid 1930s onwards), so it may simply be that the authority felt ‘Borough’ was sufficient, even if not wholly accurate!


Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee tram crew
Inspector and conductor pose with Tramcar No 57 - photo undated, but certainly taken between April 1933 and May 1935. Photographer, H Nicol. With thanks to the National Tramway Museum.

Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Tram conductor
Blow-up of the above photo showing the conductor, possibly Employee No 43. Note the oval BC&NJTC cap badge and the employee number (on the left-hand collar). With thanks to the National Tramway Museum.

Burnley, Colne & Nelson Joint Transport Committee cap badge - chrome.

Motorman and conductor sporting the new oval cap badge of the BC&NJTC with Tramcar No 41 at Summit. Note that the conductor is also wearing a municipal licence and bow tie! With thanks to Duncan Holden

Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee tram inspector
Blow-up of the first photo above showing the inspector. The embroidered cap badge can clearly be made out. With thanks to the National Tramway Museum.

Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee inspector's cap badge
BC&NJTC inspector's cap badge - embroidered cloth. Author's Collection.

Possible tramway-era conductor licence - grey metal